On this week’s episode of Cool School, Tyler and Mikala are joined by the ingenious Mike Lacher, who happened to be married to Mikala. Mike reveals the bygone era in which people willingly had goat testicles implanted into their bodies, and Tyler asks the brave question, “Hey, are whales NOT aliens?” Also, Tyler and Mikala harmonize on Faith Hill’s “This Kiss.”

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On the second episode of Cool School, Mikala proves that married life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Then Tyler and Mikala talk with Jolie Kerr of Ask a Clean Person fame about her cleaning habits, the threat of staph infections on hockey equipment, and her obsession with the late ’70s / early ’80s singles bar phenomenon known as Fern Bars. Listen above or subscribe on iTunes! 

In the inaugural episode of Cool School, Tyler and Mikala discuss the rampant sexuality of improv comedy before going under the covers with comedian Halle Kiefer (one of Brooklyn’s funniest!) about American Horror Story: Coven and our national obsession with witches. Then they check in with mutual best friend and muse Christina Boucher, who supplies a questionably adequate Bill Nighy impression.